LED Boat Lighting for Commercial Fishing Boats


the commercial fishing industry is a demanding and dangerous field where the stakes are as high as rewards. Often working around the clock and deal with some of the worst weather conditions, commercial fishermen are familiar with the importance of having reliable equipment that can withstand the most abusive environments and continue to function without fault. With operations often take place in the night of fishing, the lighting is one of the teams that play a fundamental role in the security and productivity that can not be compromised on.

commercial fishing vessels generally use HID lighting systems in the shape of high-pressure sodium lamps in their work covers. Powerful and efficient, these lighting systems have provided an appropriate way if only the lighting which has been the standard for many years. Since these vessels are far offshore for long periods and must rely on independent sources of energy, energy efficiency and are key factors in determining the type of lighting to be used and to date systems, HPS have been the most practical.

two of the largest problems with HPS lighting in commercial fishing vessels have been very poor quality of light and moisture sensitivity. The light produced by an HPS lamp has a color other than orange color which produces poor in contrast and colour reproduction, reduction of visual acuity for those on the deck. HPS bulbs also run very hot, and any exposure to moisture while it is running can cause a light bulb to shatter or explode even violently and given the fact that these ships are exposed to some of the most humid marine conditions possible, everything happens too often. Despite all this, HPS systems have remained popular because of the long service life of the lamps and their very high luminous efficiency on the order of 120 lumens per watt. Less energy consumed by the lighting, the less fuel that is burned during them operations, improve the amount of time of a ship can remain in the sea pulling in them catches and reducing them costs associated with the fuel.

modern lighting technologies however change all this and offers some advantages that many commercial fishing operators are already capitalizing on. In particular, LED lighting systems have come to the fore that offer to provide durability and efficiency you need a fishing boat and not only this, but provide much better performance that the old HPS systems are replacing. For what this is going to look at some statistics with respect to the two types of lighting and how they stacked against each other.


lumens per watt production by HPS systems stockings 120 lumens per watt and is one of the most efficient ways of lighting available.

color temperature range of around 200 HPS Kelvin, put under incandescent light bulbs and resulting in a distinctive reddish orange color light output. HPS does colors, has poor contrasting qualities, and is usually used in applications where these qualities are not considered very important as the street and parking lot lighting applications.

life of the bulb lamps HPS average 20-40, 000 hours of useful life and are among the longest lived light sources available. However, HPS lamps are prone to a phenomenon known as “bicycle” where the age of the lamp, is made more difficult for ballast to maintain a high enough voltage to keep the lamp lit. Finally the voltage necessary to maintain the focus on exceeds the maximum capacity of ballasts and light bulb goes off. Once the lamp cools down less voltage is needed to turn it on and turn on the lamp back. This cycle continues until the fault lamp fully.

light bulbs HPS are very fragile as glass and are converted into very hot while in operation. As a result, they need comprehensive protection in the form of resistant covers, sealing joint and extensive of mounting to survive the harsh conditions of the marine environment of vibration absorption. As little as a single drop of water in contact with a hot HPS bulb is enough to cause it to fail explosively. Because of this, HPS lighting systems require frequent maintenance and inspection to prevent failures.

of LEDs-LED illumination of an average of 60 to 100 lumens per watt and is tied with fluorescent lighting for second place in the category of efficiency.

color lights temperature varies depending on the configuration and can establish a specific parameter. LEDs are available in 2700K, 4500K, 5000K, 6000K and color temperatures. LEDs for commercial fishing applications are typically in the range of 4500K to 6000K and as a result produce a very strong white light. In addition, LEDs provide good contrast and good color rendering, making them very suitable for applications where high visual acuity is important.

hours 50,000 + average life of LED lamp, and many accessories are available that you can reach 100,000 hours of life. In addition, as the LEDs age they do not experience significant changes in the operation. LED simply grow dimmer with time, and most manufacturers consider LEDs have reached the end of its useful life when they fall to 70% of its original production of lumen.

the LEDs are a form of solid-state lighting which is highly durable and versatile. They don’t have any glass they cannot break and don’t stay hot and thus are not so prone to the bankruptcy of exposure to small amounts of water. LEDs are highly resistant to damage is shock and vibration, which makes them ideal for applications where rough handling and abusive conditions.

LEDs offer to operators of commercial fishing, an alternative to lighting that can provide highly efficient performance coupled with much better quality light HPS systems. The light produced is whiter and stronger with better contrast and colour reproduction, which in turn helps with visual acuity during the performance of complex tasks. LED lamps ship are also much more durable than HID systems and are able to withstand the rough handling that could cause premature failure of a HPS lamp.

in general, commercial fishing operators speaking can improve safety and productivity in their housings without compromising the effectiveness of the lighting. More reliable, better performance and more durable, more lights boat represent a step up old systems HPS style that is hard to beat.


Homemade Carp Bait Recipes And Secrets Of Salts To Improve All Your Fishing Baits!


are why carp as salt? How and why he makes use of salt and minerals-rich substances improve your screenshots? I’ve fished in rivers where the saline conditions mean that low, sole as well as carps and eels all thrive to the surprise of many fishermen. There is more to carp and their needs, their reactions and responses to sales in all forms of bait (including boilies and paste) power here experts and interesting suggestions that will make you think there are many answers and you can catch more fish!

salts are highly attractive to carp; they are highly Ionic, to attract water. For example an example of this property is when you leave salt in the air, and cakes. This whole point is extremely important optimized function of bait!

many people think that common table salt as salt, but there are many forms and combinations that we can use to catch more fish. (Note that for example chlorine is highly reactive, think about this point because baits reagent is highly beneficial for the results!) The sodium ions and chloride are required by all known minimum qualities in life, instinctively carp is attracted by salty substances.

I don’t know technically that term they food triggers, as they are enhancers incitants and bait in many ways, but they are a sign of powerful when in solution in the water; induction of much more research of fish that is safe! For example, a blend of fish meal and Marina spod certainly drive the additional salts and substances salted (compared to add none.) In my experience fish tend to feed on a more measured way extended more calmly with added salts, in contrast to certain other additives that may lead to an extremely hard feeding frenzy of short duration. Of course both approaches can be used and combined.

throw pieces of rock salt in the water and the CARP are sure to investigate. Remember that natural river and lake waters are composed of dissolved minerals, such as salts. Some of these essential minerals are even absorbed directly in fish through your skin. Range of minerals from pure elements to simple salts etc. and CARP meet infinite forms of them for many different reasons, not only related to requirements essential nutritional

note the different taste from table salt compared with salt sea or salt rock. Certainly I’m not suggesting our taste, odor, or perceptions of palatability and the depth and richness of the profile etc. is identical to tents (different nervous wiring brain and conjunctions etc but you will notice a difference!) Rock and sea salt is much richer because of the range of minerals and traces etc. contained therein; and it is much more palatable to the tents and much more powerful as an enhancer in baits. It’s another reason that avoid the use of refined table salt, but if I don’t have anything more than used in ground baits for example, means that the bait will be optimized for bass!

more rock salt derived from dry deposits of ancient seas that dried up, but the funny thing is that the underlying bedrock of lakes, even clay lining lakes that hold the water, they are rich in minerals and influence the potential of life and particular waters growing tent. I love Lake Rainbow in France not only for the range of varieties of carp stocked and their phenomenal growth rates, but you wonder if the underlying lakebed natural coal is a significant factor, combined with silicate (minerals), sandy nature of the lakebed; I am sure that everything is connected.

in a kind of funny in a way it is ironic that the calcium and phosphate that fish absorb through your skin in solution in water (and consume their food) has finished in the water because older animals biomineralising (produce biologically, minerals) to produce hard structures. E.g. chitin shells of mollusks and crustaceans for example; than when then die form phosphate salts of calcium carbonate, since deposits under over eons old sea beds, thus forming carbonate rock such as chalk and limestone rocks under or around lakes and rivers etc.

eventually these minerals are transferred in the water of the Lake by natural weather processes and then become part of the fish. For example the connective tissues of vital collagen and bone etc! Everything is connected; fish and humans really are what we eat! (And of course ultimately, ancient fish teleosts that modern tents are part our ancestors lost so we share many processes and features that we can exploit, that we can relate to our own food to use in our fishing baits, to facilitate the capture of common carp!)

changing the subject, dissolved minerals, salts in the midst of a solution (water) swimming carp within a conductive electrolyte of electricity. This is very important because on the one hand, the power of many substances of bait can be enhanced by use of sensitivities carp natural minerals and mineral salts, complementary or as intrinsic parts of natural foods.

well we know that carp is seriously stimulated by pre digested or hydrolyzed ingredients and additives in the dry or liquid form of many kinds which contains many forms of salts in the chemical reactions involved. It is my belief that because the tents are so sensitive to subtle electrical fields, that this is all part of the impacts of the bait that can be manipulated and exploited, and the use of salts can obviously a part of this approach to make bait more easily detected. I could suggest that you can do your baits over one very subtle battery sensitive electric power. Personally I am sure that the CARP detects fields around the area of baits that are far from being limited to simply conventional electrical or electromagnetic energies.

the tents are certainly as sensitive and curious to differences within the water sensing as to respond instinctively to any arbitrary nutritional signals. For example, a localized in salinity change could well be good for research, as well as the presence of any concentrated substance causes particular emission front towards the back of your baits. Of course, fish meal and other base marine baits, predigeridos rich in additives baits for example can be rich in salts and be bait-salted, inherently improve and improve performance significantly. However, these things can be driven in many ways using salts and saline substances and their special reactions with a series of bait.

I think that the reaction between alcohol and salt flavors for example, organic acids and other things such as citric acid or acetic acid in vinegar (fermentation of ethanol is used to produce vinegar), and many other examples, are all highly important reactions within the baits and in solution in regards to salts. I am sure this kind of thing is very significant in that we can create by the way higher in carp impacts receptor sites in areas of sensory, like skin, throat, chins, lips, area Palace inside the mouth etc. that make even more enthusiastic of our carp fishing baits!

certain saturated carboxylic acids are without a doubt some of the secret components of more than a few products from the company’s successful trade bait. Anyway you can get an idea here the fact of experience with salts, salty substances and flavors for example really afford in the improvement of the capture results!

do not forget that any mixture boilie base can be adapted for use as the basis for a ground bait specialized mix, a mix of stick spod or even used to impart additional stimulation during the preparation of hemp and dried fruit of sweet corn and Tiger and cold meat etc. and properties. I’m always looking for more information on sales, even in dog and cat food soft and hard food.

the presence of additional salt in the manufacture of Marmite is intriguing as they are the salts in the yeasts in many formats and formats, including classic carp bait additive mixing yeast of Phillips. Phillips yeast mixtures and also many tonics liquid and so on and other powdered or crystalline substances used to improve the health of pets, dogs and cats can be exceptionally rich in mineral salts stimulants etc. and for years I have done much research in this whole area of substances for inclusion in my ebooks bait.

ingredients and salt-rich additives are incredibly powerful for catching carp and work synergistically (in combination) with other material that you have within their baits, ingredients carbohydrates and proteins in your baits, liquid foods, flavors and other enhancers and sweeteners. Thinking about it, for what purposes are things like Belachan, salty yeast extract and soy sauce is used for when it is added to other foods? Improve and enrich the impacts sensory and duration of the impacts of food; salty substances are very well proven to improve palatability. CARP baits and human foods are further enhanced by the use of salty substances and reactions related to salt of many types.

includes summary of squid containing bile salts, for example, fermented shrimp powder, other fermented products such as miso and soy sauce, extract other fermented, rich in protein like Belachan, yeasts, algae such as kelp powder products, granulated and liquid materials complex. This Enhancer not annoying insulin release unlike the MSG which is harmful in many ways such as bleeding internal at the cellular level in the brain.

many people feel sick after consuming MSG, and in fact is the reason for the so-called Chinese Restaurant Syndrome. However such is the degree of production of MSG ups cover company about its real impact, that some fishermen know is harmful. During the conversation with Frank Warwick recently about enhancers etc. even they seem not aware of it at that moment in time. Pure MSG is very different from naglutamato that occur turally carp and humans consuming naturally without harmful side effects!

over the years a huge effort by manufacturers of MSG as Anjinomoto there was not only to sell the idea of the fifth taste, but to get people to accept the message and even promotion as good! The result is that now as people are increasingly aware that MSG is a food of harmful substances manufacturers they are not putting a message in the list of ingredients and use other words and misleading and vague terms including glutamate, or vegetable, yeast extraction extract many alternative flavor enhancers are available that do not damage the tent! I would add that sea weeds and tomato puree are rich in umami taste components.

likes which may explode in your baits include sweet, sour, bitter and salty as well as savouryness (or umami). Many carp baits are bitter however successful; plenty of more acid concentrates flavors make bitter-tasting baits. Speaking personally I have had great success with many new unique homemade bait recipes that I liked really bitter, or sour surprisingly.

I used to have the mentality of group which appears to promote perhaps saltier or sweeter or savory tastes of baits do, but no matter what the flavor of a bait is to me (and I personally like it or not,) not let fish repeatedly enthusiastically eating baits may or may not like!

carp digestible rica consumes algae that forms one incredibly a staple food for survival. But if you ever have taken different forms of algae as a health supplement you know is is not exactly pleasant to human beings and is unpleasant and avoid attempting to try it on everything!

the fact is that the nerves of the tent are wired differently to humans; their receptor proteins and adaptations of receiver site, degrees of sensitivities and nerve connections with their brains of skin, intestinal wall, face flap, lateral line etc. all differ in many respects human beings! For a fisherman to the State that the CARP don’t like bitter baits is not especially useful since it is a confusion of many things on many levels. Even the question of the real degree of taste of a bait whole tested in alkaline solution, human mouth, compared with carp bait tasting in neutral or acidic water solution makes things less clear!

the tents are very sensitive to salinity (salt or mineral salt) changes in solution in the water surrounding them. This is incredibly powerful advantage because as human beings, fish need to maintain a certain balance of pressure of fluid inside your body’s cells to stay alive and healthy – function features the famous feeding trigger Betaine (there are several ways) intrinsic is vital in this role also! (You may have heard about isotonic baits…) Be sensitive to salts allows fish such as carp to discern many opportunities and threats in the water. On the one hand, although carp can survive in brackish water sensitivity alert moving them in the water too salty for their bodies handle. That is one reason why tent is not roaming the seas!

Please note that natural calcium chloride is the predominant component of table salt, it is essential to carp, but and this is really important, that it will do better through the provision of tents with coarse or fine sea or rock salt instead, as sources of a potentially stimulating wealth of vital minerals and traces that will light up the tent and raise the nutritional and attractive value of their baits.

I personally highly recommend using thick crispy seaweed and fine seaweed powder, as well as coarse and fine sea salt, for example, together. With sales only minimum quantities you need to make a difference and use of salts is not strictly limited to add salt to the boilie, stick or other mixtures and of course endless carp baits can be enhanced using many sources of salts. Chopped Himalayan rock salt have very important unique properties but more powerful sales sources that this and the sea and other rock salts.

do not ignore the fact that sales are involved in digestion; This is a very important aspect of baits, I know that most of the fishermen have yet to really understand and leverage within the baits. Do not think that adding salts for baits is the optimal way to exploitation of salts and indeed have salts is created deliberately actively within baits dynamically through several processes is much more powerful, but these are secrets to not give away free! Revealed in my unique bait Ready Made and homemade bait carp and catfish bait secrets ebooks is much more powerful information look my unique web site (Baitbigfish) and see my biography below for the details of my ebooks now offers!

by Tim Richardson.