The Way to Make Bath Bombs

I simply love producing body and skin products that I sell in a regional Farmers Market and a few of my hottest selling items is your toilet bomb. I’m assuming you understand how to make bath bombs, however that I will provide you the simple recipe I love using with fantastic success and I will provide you a few suggestions about the best way best to make bath bombs using the wow element.

For my fundamental bath bomb recipe that I use these ingredients:

This recipe provides a fantastic bomb which fizzes nicely from the tub. You are able to add more uric acid if you would like it fizzier, but I believe this figure operates just fine. The tricky bit of creating any sort of toilet bomb is through the phase of blending the oils as there’s a nice balance to obtaining just the perfect number of liquid consumed, without putting off the chemical response that supplies the bomb its own “fizz.” I find it’s ideal to set the oils into a plastic jar with a cause carefully squirt, 1 spray at one time, stirring all of the time. Spray evenly round the joint ingredients copying the spray/stir activity, stirring continuously and taking good care to not wet the components. When the mixture starts to hold together and can produce a ball shape if pressed, STOP SPRAYING. Think wet sand forests since this is the consistency you’re planning for. You then must stack the mixture to your molds by packaging it as closely as you can so that you overfill every half. Then press both halves together only the next. Don’t twist or you are likely to wind up with two halves of a toilet bomb. It isn’t important whether the 2 halves are lined up well or even if they’re closed, in this phase you’re just inviting the mix to a well rounded shape. Bear in mind, the more mix you package to your molds, the more fizzier they’re.

So, the way to make bath bombs using the wow element? Experiment with adding colors and glitter for quite a pretty, girlie style bomb. Among my favorite bath bombs needs to be quite a decadent chocolate bomb in which I utilize 50g grated ginger butter which can be blended with another dry ingredients, then I incorporate a mix of almond chocolate and oil odor. In addition, I color it a chocolate color and grate a little sum out of a chocolate bar to the mould before I place in the mixture.

The heart shaped bath bomb molds which it is possible to purchase also generate a bath bomb using the wow effect as you’re able to put a combo of rose petals or dried rosehips from the mould or rather dried lavender blossoms seem gorgeous if placed in the base of the mould. You only have to take care to not bleach on the extras such as dried botanicals and glitter since clearly every one these items will wind up in the tub water and not everybody likes to sit in a bathtub of sterile petals!

In the conclusion of the afternoon, the only limitation is your creativity! Have fun!

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A Trip to My New Dentist

I was hoping to find a dentist well before I needed to go see one when I moved to my new home, but it did not work out that way. When the alert came up on my calendar that it was time to schedule my next dental cleaning, I knew that I had to hurry and find one in the area that was accepting new patients. I did a fast search online to find the best dentist in Launceston because this was something I take very seriously.

I have only had one cavity in my life, and I was not about to increase that number because I did not see a dentist when I was supposed to. I also was not going to go and see any dentist. I work with the public, so my smile is very important to me. I wanted to make sure that the dentist I went to is the best in the area. I am used to doing a lot of research for work, so I did not mind having to do this to find a great dentist. Continue reading A Trip to My New Dentist

This Past Weekend Was a Very Fun Time That Ended Up in a Bit of a Disaster for Me. You See, I Was at a Cookout with Some Friends and Family to Celebrate My Best Friends Birthday. Everything Went Very Well, That is Until I Decided to Have a Piece of

I have often heard that you find out your family’s true colors when another family member dies. That is exactly what happened with my brother and sisters. Their greed has really displayed itself after the death of my father. When my father died he left his 200-acre farm to me and my four brothers and sisters and they are now fighting over how much it is worth and how much money they will be getting from the sale of it. As the executor of the estate, I need to enlist the help of a real estate appraiser in Sacramento. I am going to find somebody who can give us an accurate and detailed report as to exactly how much the house, land, and buildings are worth. We need an honest and unbiased appraisal that will enable us to put this part of the estate on the market to sell. I don’t want to see our family torn apart any more than what it already is and this seems to be the most viable solution to the problem. Continue reading This Past Weekend Was a Very Fun Time That Ended Up in a Bit of a Disaster for Me. You See, I Was at a Cookout with Some Friends and Family to Celebrate My Best Friends Birthday. Everything Went Very Well, That is Until I Decided to Have a Piece of

Make Small Fortune In The Fishing Industry


Make Small Fortune In Fishing Industry…

….now there is a headline you don’t see very often. In fact, I have never seen it.

Unless you start out with a large fortune and slowly pitter it away while in pursuit of our friends who live beneath the waves, most people don’t enter the exciting world of the fishing industry to seek fame and fortune. There are rarely any recruiters from Salmon canneries knocking on your door as you bask in the glory of graduation from college, nor do you pick up a copy of Entrepeneur Magazine and find” fisherman” as a hot start-up franchise. Guys wearing lots of “bling” and chest waders rarely come sloshing into your business and hand you a business card and brochure claiming that: “for a $10,000 investment I can help you triple your income in thirty days…GUARANTEED!!”

In fact, I even googled “Make Money Fishing” and came away with 313 responses and the disheartening notion that if you choose fishing as a way of life–you are pretty much destined for a life of relaxed mediocrity. There of course are some exceptions, like tournament bass fisherman, or guys selling fishing adventures to Mars–but for the most part –if you have some startling epiphany that “I want to make my fortune in fishing”- you are barking up the wrong riffle.

Some other samples from the make money fishing offerings:

1. Russ Roy– Offers up a slightly “tongue in cheek” article, stating that we fisherman can earn extra cash slathering stinky fish attractants and fish “sputem” on our jeans and then resell them on perhaps eBay as “designer fisher wear”. Complete with fish hook holes. I only say slightly “tongue in cheek”–because they probably would sell — especially in some posh Beverly Hills boutique on Rodeo drive.

“Oh dahling, those salmon roe encrusted Jordaches make your tush look devine!!”

Heck, throw in a “roostertail” 1/4 ounce zipper and I might buy a pair myself.

2. A New England commercial fisherman is selling his fishing operation–He is “grossing” about $80K per year and claims a “cash flow” of $53k. Asking price $105k.

The “hook” here is the benefit of leaving the rat race for the “open seas”.

I have to ask myself,” does this mean he wants to re-enter the rat race??” Health issues force sale?? Wear funky woolen sweaters!


Oh and by the way– it is a one man operation–so have fun running around that boat and giving orders to yourself, or you can hire someone and pretty much watch your $53k disappear.

No fortune there.

3. Make your own fishing lures– This might give you some self satisfaction, or relieve some tension–which in itself might be a nice benefit for the rest of society- and I suppose if you can get $3.00 a lure you can actually triple your income as a current fly tier…However, I doubt you are going to make a fortune, unless you can break into a already saturated market of fishing lure producers or you live to be 116 and can sell them on eBay as “antiques”.

I really couldn’t find any bonafide “get rich in fishing” schemes, except for the tournament fisherman offerings, which pretty much isn’t considered fishing at that point.

Not even an MLM scheme– “You see, you buy 12 fish and send them to each of the Kingfishers in your UPLINE– and then you move up from carp level!!” –“When you move to the top of the “pyramid anchor”and become a “Marlin” you will then receive 64,000 FISH in your mailbox!”

Are you in?

So I guess we fishermen will have to retreat to the “zen-minimalist” philosophy of : less is more, if we want to consider ourselves “wealthy” or “rich”.

At least by fishing standards, we can consider ourselves rich in outdoor experiences, or having a wealth of fishing knowledge. Not to mention, that the Toyota Chinook camper is paid for!!

According to my good friend”Webster” fortune is defined as :prosperity attained partly through luck… AND who knows more about luck than a fisherman!!!

So, keep trying to sell those Rolex imatations, cheap pharmaceuticals, and”secrets” to success on ebay.

The competition is a lot less in:” the road to fishing riches” market.

Which can only lead to a lot of “downtime”, which can certainly be filled with….. FISHING!

Besides, I have never heard it said that: “the time spent selling cialis on the internet is not deducted from one’s life”–have you?


My New Song for My Bride

My wedding gift to my lovely bride is going to be a song. She loves to hear me sing along to the radio, and karaoke night is one of our favorite things to do when we are going out with friends. What she isn’t too aware of yet is that I enjoy writing songs too. I am not that great at writing music though, which is probably because I don’t play any instruments. I knew that I needed to have great music though, especially if it was something like Drake type beats.

I asked my friend who likes to mess around with sound but he told me he was not able to make something sound that professional. I thought that was it until he told me the next day about a website he had found. Continue reading My New Song for My Bride