Great Canned Dog Food for an Older Dog

My wife bought Kirkland Signature Natures Domain canned dog food because our old dog just couldn’t handle hard food anymore. For years we feed him food that came in a bag and he always loved it. Then old age crept in, and with it bad teeth. We noticed he wasn’t eating much of his hard food and, when he did, he made noises like he felt pain. A trip to the veterinarian confirmed that he had bad teeth and that we should probably switch to some sort of soft canned food so he could still get his nutritional needs met.

The problem we faced right from the start was finding the right food. Since we only bought hard food for years, we didn’t have many ideas about what brand to try. The wife got a membership to Costco through her employer, and we decided to try their Kirkland brand. Continue reading Great Canned Dog Food for an Older Dog