Adding a New Truck Scale to Our Scrap Yard

We started accepting scrap aluminum delivered by semis after we got our new scale. Aluminum scrap is lightweight, and a lot of it can fit in a regular trailer that connects to a tractor trailer combo. I was wondering why my boss had me look for 70 ft truck scales for sale. It was so we could accept scrap from a company that uses regular trailers to haul it in. A company that sells scrap to us loads the long enclosed trailers using forklifts. A block of wood is placed in the front of the trailer, and a cable is run to the back. Then the trailer is loaded. When we get it, we hook a winch to the cable and use it to pull the block out, and the aluminum all comes out with it.

By summer we are adding a lift that will tilt the truck and the trailer backwards to get everything to slide into a big receiving hopper. We can then process many more tons of aluminum scrap. As it is right now, our new truck scale for tractor trailers is operating almost non-stop during business hours. Before, we only had scales big enough to weigh large dump trucks and shorter trailer trucks that hauled scrap steel. Now we can weigh the longest truck and trailer combos out there. A truck is weighed when it comes in, then its load is taken off. The truck is weighed again as it goes out of the delivery yard over to the parking area. Then the operator is notified of the net weight of the load when the second weight is subtracted from the first.

Until I started working here, I had no idea of the value of things people throw away every day. That one aluminum can will not net you much for scrap, but if you save them for a year, you can get a decent return. Aluminum and copper are two things we see a lot of every day.

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