Cut Through the Confusion of Getting Auto Insurance

I’m quite happy that I found Nocatee auto insurance online and got a policy. I recently started driving again after a three year break from the car due to a back injury that made it impossible for me to get behind the wheel. I remember the good old days where you had a local insurance agent and they handled all of your insurance needs. A couple of decades ago I literally had the same agent and the same company for decades. Few people felt the need to change companies. That has all changed these days.

The problem I had was my old agent retired. That meant I had to find the initiative to check out various sources in an attempt to not only get insured, but to get the best deal I could find. All of it was so confusing! There are so many insurance companies offering auto insurance and so many people to see and places to call. I started to really stress that I wouldn’t get the best deal possible simply due to the fact that I wouldn’t find the best company in the sea of auto insurers.

Thank goodness I found a site that cut through all the confusion. I simply entered some information and what I was looking for and in seconds I had a decent sized list of area insurers as well as the prices they were offering for insurance. From there it was simple to contact various people and explain my situation. At this point I’m pretty much good to go, but there is a problem with the fact that I haven’t driven in several years. Apparently they don’t like when that happens and want to charge you more for a few months until they know what sort of driver you are. Regardless, I’m feeling better about hitting the road again!

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