Getting Professional Backdrops for Our Senior Class Production

For our senior class event this year we wanted to go big with our musical production. We went all out making our sets as professional as possible. I did the graphics for the large backdrops we used at the back of the stage. Some people call them band flags. They are just gigantic banners that can cover a stage area. New lightweight materials and printing methods make it so you can have all kinds of different stuff printed on them. The work the company that makes them does is quite amazing. You can get a really big backdrop for just a few hundred dollars. I think something like that would cost a small fortune back before modern printing methods to make them were available.

We got three that were 20×25 feet to use for three acts in the musical production we were putting on. The lightweight materials made the backdrops easy to hang and control with ropes used by the stage crew. We could roll them up and down as needed for the sets. It was a great investment and made the show look polished and professional. The buzz got around about the rehearsals and we released a sample on social media of the acting the patrons would see who bought tickets to the show. We sold out every night of production. It was a great show week.

I am going to do this kind of thing for a living. The band flags we had printed with our scene needs turned out great. Bands use them for backdrops on various stages. You can buy them in stage scrim sizes or just wall banners too. We needed the really big backdrop sizes. They are seamed together in manufacturing, but you cannot see the seams. The quality was really good, and they are made to last for a really long time.

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