Honda Accords Are Put Together in the United States

My All-American neighbor who is very political about keeping jobs in the US drives around in a 2016 Accord Coupe. However, he does point out that the Accord is assembled in Ohio. There is that global market thing where parts are sourced from different countries with final assembly being in America. That is better than nothing. It is nice having car plants still operating in the United States. I pass one on the way to a friend’s house who lives in Ohio. It is only about an hour from my house. The Honda brand is Japanese, but they are put together here. This is how my friend can support American manufacturing while still driving an import that he says provides him a high value for his car-buying dollars.

I like the Honda Pilot SUV. I have not ever been a car person. I have always been into vehicles that have at least some off-road capability. At the bare minimum, I like a vehicle that can get you through the winter snows here. They are not as bad as they are a bit farther north. We get a about four decent snowfalls per year. However, if you are at work or need to get to work, a four-wheel or all-wheel drive vehicle is a real help during those times. I would pay more for an SUV that I need to use the four-wheel drive on only four times a year rather than risking it on the road in a car.

In the summer, a car is nice. The 2016 Accord Coupe is great for zipping around just about anywhere. I do not have to navigate for a wide parking space when in the Accord. Yes, I went and bought one after my neighbor raved about his. I took his out for a drive and it is really nice. My wife really fell for it, so that is why we have one sitting in our driveway now.

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