I Am More Organized with a Storage Unit

Some people accuse me of being a pack rat, but nothing could be further from the truth. I do collect a lot of things, but it is not because I have an obsession with any of them. I just like to purchase things at different discount stores and flea markets that I think I can sell online at one of my auction sites. There are times when things move really fast, and other times I may hold onto items for a year before they sell. That is why I looked into storage units in Winnipeg not too long ago.

I knew that my wife understood why I had so many things in the different rooms of our house, but I also knew that she was growing frustrated. We are able to pay our bills with the money that I make, but I still understood that a woman wants her house to feel like a home, not a warehouse. I told her that I would look into a storage unit since that made the most sense. I needed one where it would be easy to access it regardless of the day. I also needed one where there is 24 hour security because there are times where there are a large amount of electronics.

The storage unit that I found has gate access from six in the morning until eleven at night, so I knew that I would be able to get in and out anytime I needed. There would be no reason for me to need to go there in the middle of the night since I would take whatever I need home, prepare it for shipping, and then typically take it to the post office. It also has the round the clock security, and it is climate controlled as well. Since doing this, our house has felt like home again, and I am actually more organized this way.

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