I Am Ready to Get My Own Place

Of course I have lived on my own or with roommates since I got out of the dorms at college. That was always a real adventure for me as I had no real experience. I had been living in these apartments for Antioch with a couple of other guys, but my name was not on the lease there. In fact I have no real idea who was the responsible party there. I moved in when my buddy from Comp Sci asked me if I was looking for a new place. In fact he knew that I was having issues with the guy that I was sharing a place with. He was the one who made me realize that you should do your homework when you do something like this. He seemed like a good enough guy at first, but if I had asked around it would have been easy to find out that he was a really terrible roommate.

That is one of the reasons that I have decided to get a place on my own, although I did that once if you are getting technical. Actually I rented a loft above this sweet old lady’s garage. It was actually a great deal for me. I would do chores for her and she would cook for me. Every Sunday she would do something quite awesome, usually she would make a brisket or a prime rib. There would be leftovers for a couple of days. She had this little corgi who would sit there wagging his tail and waiting for his share of it. He would always get a good deal out of it, especially when there were rib bones for him. I would still be there if she had not sold her house, but that is all in the distant past.

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