I Helped My Boss with His New Bathroom

Of course there is not any way that he could have done this on his own and I am not so sure that it was a great idea for him to trust me with the task. The boss has been talking about this for a long time and this week his wife had gone to West Virginia to see her favorite aunt. At any rate he and I got to work almost as soon as she was gone. He bought a black towel radiator and a new vanity along with some new shower fittings. I knew perfectly well that I could do the job, but from the start I told him that I was not really sure that I could make it look the way that it ought to look. At any rate I took a lot of time and I studied up in advance. If you prowl around the internet you can find plenty of videos on just about any home improvement project that can be imagined. I was worried about getting into the wiring, although obviously I needed to find where the wiring was.

I borrowed this thing that a friend of mine has, a little pinhole video camera. I made a tiny hole in the drywall and then I put the camera through the hole. In a very short time I knew everything that I needed to know about what was on the other side of the drywall. That made it pretty easy. Just as I suspected the really hard part was to make it look like a pro had done it. I really can not claim that this was the end result, but I was happy with the way that it looked when I was done with the job. The boss could not really complain about it either.

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