I Needed a Fairy Wig

I was looking for a really nice wig to finish off my costume last Halloween. I had decided to go as a fairy, but I could not find the perfect wig since my own hair was too hopeless to ever be convincing in that role. I decided to just go online and find the right one, so I did a search for blue and pink wig. This is the only kind of wig that would work out for me, and I am really glad of that because it led me to a website that has since been bookmarked as one of my favorite sites to shop at.

I did find the blue pink wig that I wanted, and it is better than I could have imagined. The top three quarters is mostly blue with pink mixed in, and the bottom quarter is pink. It is just the nicest wig ever, and I knew that I had to have it no matter what it would cost me. That is the nice part, because the cost was very low. I was even able to get free shipping on it, making it one of the best deals ever.

That also got me to look at the rest of the site. Even though I didn’t need anything else for my fairy costume since I had found the perfect wig, that didn’t stop me from looking over the other things on the site. I found so many really cool things that I never even knew existed, and I knew that I would end up coming back and buying more things. I have gotten some really cute transparent rain boots as well as an awesome onesies outfit that I wear in the winter months now. This site is so much fun, and I look forward to looking at everything on there.

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