I Needed Expert Support to Get Me out of the Trouble I Was in

I knew that I was in trouble on the day that a police officer knocked on my door because I had not shown up my work for the fifth straight day due to the alcohol binge I was on.. Not long after, I booked myself into a Miami rehab center to try to get help. That day had been coming for a long time, but I had been putting it off for many years. It was time to get clean, and there was no way that I was going to be able to do it all by myself. I had tried to do so on my own, and I failed to do it on my own. Denial was my enemy, and I had been allowing denial to dwell inside of me for far too long.

I wish parents would tell their kids that they shouldn’t drink not only because it is illegal if under age, but because you could soon become a drunk. It seems that so many parents stress the fact that drinking is illegal, but they don’t stress the fact that anyone who starts drinking as a young person can easily find themselves staring alcoholism in the face soon after. I know the legal drinking age in this country is 21 years old, but many people as young as 13 years old start drinking because they have access to alcohol in their parent’s home. This is how I started out drinking at a young age.

I spent 30 days in rehab, and it’s the best decision that I have ever made. Some people have the ability to quit on their own, but I am not one of those people. And because I tried to handle it on my own, I dragged out a problem for far too long than was necessary. It has been three years since the day that I got out of rehab. The rehabilitation program that I went into is what helped me gain this sober 3 years I have behind me now. It is thanks to their counseling and support that I have learned to be strong without using alcohol as a crutch.

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