I Never Even Though About Using Pears As a Dog Treat Until Someone Asked Me if Dogs Can Eat Pears

Dogs like some fruits and vegetables. However, don’t just feed you pet everything you eat. There are plenty of things you can eat that can kill your dog. Also, some dogs are much more highly susceptible to substances. For example, I have personally seen some dogs eat a small amount of grapes and never get sick. Other ones can eat one grape or raisin and have their kidneys fail and die. Someone asked me can dogs eats pears. I was not sure about that one as I do not care for pears myself and never had them around the house with our dogs.

We are finding out about new things that can cause death or serious harm to dogs that we never considered. For example, xylitol can trigger a massive insulin release in your dog that can kill him in a short period of time with a severely low blood glucose level. Xylitol can be found in mouthwashes, sugar-free candies and chewing gums, dry mouth products and even some peanut butters. Don’t confuse it with sorbitol that can actually be found in some canine products such as canine toothpastes. Anyway, back to the pears. Except for the very tiny amount of cyanide in the seeds, pears seem like a generally healthy treat to give your dog in moderation.

You should not eat the seeds either. You should also peel away the skin as your dog does not have the tooth structure to mush things up before swallowing them like you do. Even their molars are sharp and made more for eating meat. Your molars are more flat and can crush skins of fruits to make them easier to swallow and digest. Give your dog small pieces of peeled pear with no seeds if he likes pears. The fiber and low calories makes it a great treat. Stay away from things such as macadamia nuts, xylitol, raisins and grapes, onions and garlic and onion and garlic seasonings. Yes, you may see garlic or onion in some dog food products, but it should not be as some dogs are much more sensitive to it than others.

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