I Will Keep Regular Appointments Now

I was so happy when I moved to Long Beach. It put me a lot closer to my family, and I also had the job of my dreams. I knew that I wanted to find a Long Beach dentist before I started that job though, because I had a front tooth that had been chipped for several months. I just never could find the time to get to a dentist and have it fixed, and it was not really a big deal to me at the time since I worked from home.

I was about to have nearly two dozen new coworkers though, and I did not want my first impression to involve a chipped tooth. I had nearly a week to get settled into my new apartment before I had to start working, so I went online and looked at the different dentists in the area. There were so many, and I had no idea which one to pick. I called my sister and asked her who she and her family use, and she told me to go see Dr. Campbell. Her three kids absolutely love going there, and she and her husband don’t mind the trips there either.

Knowing my sister is as big of a baby as I am when it comes to dentists, that was saying a lot. I decided to just make the appointment, because I did not have a lot of free time before I had to make that first impression at my new job. All I can say is my sister found the perfect dentist not only for herself but also for me. He was very gentle and kind, and he did not seem to mind that I was as afraid as I was. He had the chip fixed in no time, and I even had my first cleaning in several years. I will keep regular appointments now that I feel comfortable there!

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