I’ve Fallen in Love with a Gemstone

My daughter is one of those people who loves to collect a certain kind of thing when she becomes interested in it. Once she was interested in horses and wanted to collect different horse action figures and pictures of horses. She then became interested in yo-yos and collected different yo-yos from around the world. Lately she has been into gemstones, and the gemstone she wanted most recently was a kunzite gemstone. I had never heard of kunzite gemstones before, but I knew my daughter wouldn’t stop asking for them if I didn’t help her get one, so I started looking.

Looking at the usual stores didn’t help me find the gemstone I wanted, so I turned to some online stores. There was a special store that sold all kinds of gemstones, and they had exactly the one that my daughter wanted. I bought a couple of the stone, one for her and one for myself just because I wanted to see it in person. I waited for the gemstones to arrive, and while I did, my daughter would keep asking me if the order had arrived yet, just like kids usually do when something hasn’t come yet, or when they haven’t gotten somewhere yet.

Once the order arrived, my daughter rushed downstairs and waited for me to open the package. As I pulled the gemstones out of the box, my daughter started to get the biggest smile on her face. She thanked me and gave me a big hug. I took one of the gemstones and put it on the dresser in my bedroom. My wife thought it was pretty, but didn’t see what the big deal was about it. On the other hand, I started to fall in love with the thing, and I can’t go in my room without looking at it for a few minutes.

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