Living Alone Means That I Need to Be Careful with My Spending

Ever since I decided that I needed to live alone, I have been doing all that I can to work hard, stay home when I can and save money. I borrow books from the nearby library. I have always played video games, and I can use cheats for Virtual Families 2 so that I can play without any problems. I can’t complain much. While I certainly can’t go out and blow money, there are plenty of things that I have been able to do to save money. It simply takes thinking about how to do things that you regularly do in an inexpensive way.

I wouldn’t say that I was frivolous with my spending when I had roommates, but I do need to be careful now that I’m on my own. In the past, I thought nothing of going to a movie and buying lots of snacks at the concession stand in the lobby. One night at the movies can easily cost about $40 for me and one friend. But now, I no longer go to the movie theater late at night or buy food there. Instead, I go during the day when admission prices are much cheaper. I also bring snacks from home that I bring into the theater.

I would say that one thing that I spent a little too much money on the past is driving my car. I never walked anywhere. I always opted to drive my vehicle, even if I just needed to travel a mile away. Now, I map out my various destinations ahead of time, and I only drive to places that are over 2 miles away from my new apartment. I try to walk to as many places as I can now, and I just leave my car parked at home. It has also helped me to lose weight, too.

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