My Boys Are Smarter Than Me when It Comes to Technological Things

My kids are really good at playing video games. Of course, they are good at so many other things, too. But I have long been amazed at how quickly my boys picked up working with computers and how fast they understand all the ins and outs of the different games. Since I am their dad, I like to play with them at times as well. But I am not as good at these things they are, so they told me about Forge of Empires cheats that I can use that help me to keep up with them during the game. I don’t fall behind so much now.

I don’t think that my two boys are absolute geniuses. I know they’re smart, but I also know that children simply pick up on all sorts of technical things that I have a harder time learning. When I was a little kid, I was often outside in the dirt playing with my trucks and cars. This is the way it was for most people back then. But today’s kids are often inside rather than hanging around outside. Today’skids have taken to computers like wildfire. I’ve noticed that all of my friend’s children are the same way. They know how to pick up on all sorts of things when it comes to technology that adults are slower to pick up on.

I have often wondered what it will be like in life after I pass away. I wish that I could live longer to see what my boys will see in life when they are in their forties or even their eighties. They are going to see some wonderful things that I probably cannot even grasp being possible. Perhaps, by the time I am a senior, our scientists will have found a way to allow us to live longer and I will be able to see some of the what my boys will see when they are older.

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