On-Board Diagnostics on Your New Car Can Be Read with a Handheld OBD2 Scanner

I know that our new car is packed with computerization and sensors. I have seen under the hood of new cars and have not missed how the newest models make it about impossible for a backyard mechanic to be able to fix anything. You have to be a contortionist just to replace a headlight bulb cartridge on my wife’s car. Still, I was looking for the best OBD2 scanner I could find as we had two cars out of warranty that occasionally had problems. I wanted to see what was happening before making a run to the garage for an estimate to get it fixed.

The best OBD2 scanner I could find was a handheld model that had a nice display. You could see all kinds of data that was running behind the scenes in our cars. It is amazing how many processes of the running engine and drivetrain are continually monitored. Plus, fault codes do not always result in a check engine light coming on. You can see logs and all kinds of information to improve the performance and fuel mileage of your car. All those fancy little sensors that are tracking everything from engine vacuum to electrical voltages can be read using an OBD scanner. The on-board diagnostics of modern automobiles is incredibly advanced.

I remember when nothing was monitored in cars other than the elapsed miles the car has traveled. Odometers have been around for a long time. Now, everything from your speed to how hard you hit the brakes is continually being monitored by your car, and you can use an OBD machine to see the information. The connection port is just under the dashboard on the driver’s side. It is a plug for you to connect a diagnostic computer to it in order for it to read the available data.

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