River Fishing Tips – Tips For Catching Fish In Cold Weather


as a person who has been fishing in the rivers, especially the small rivers need to be forded to be fished effectively (primarily for trout or small mouth bass) I think that fish catching in cold weather can be a difficult proposition. In fact, in many cases while fishing river fishing during the months of December, January and February can be so difficult that many fishermen do not bother even to try. Fish can be caught while fishing river in cold weather, only the rules are different than they are at other times of the year.

in this article I will discuss some river fishing tips to help you catch more fish during the months of cold weather in December, January and February. The first councils to consider concerning fishing in cold weather fishing is where fish are found within the same river system. During them months warm when the temperatures of the water are more warm, the fish is found in all the system of the river. Fish can be found in swimming pools, runs and fast for months that is not January, February and March, while during the cold months the fish tend to congregate together in the deeper pools within the river. The biggest mistake that fishers make when it comes to river fish in cold weather is fishing in the same area that catch fish during other times of the year. When is the weather cold to concentrate their time in the deeper pools in the river and fish very these pools well.

the following tip to catch fish when the weather is cold is obvious, but it is a very valid advice. Always want to be prepared for the time when fishing in time depending on your favorite style of fishing and cold, the most important part of your body to keep warm is probably hands. Nothing can ruin a trip perfectly good fishing as cold hands, which is where a pair of gloves quality fishing or to play glove liners. Glove liners can act as “fingerless”, which is nice to be able to feeling your fishing line to tie knots or feeling of bites while fishing and then when fishing is more simply slide on its gloves covering hot gloves to keep your hands warm and toasty. Also carries a cap style is very useful to keep your body warm when fishing in cold climates and is something that every fisherman cold non must be, since 90% of your body heat escapes through the head when temperatures are cold.

the following Councils of river fishing that I want to discuss in regards to fishing in cold weather is the size of the bait or lure you are using. In the cold months of water in January, February and March temperatures become extremely cold and because fish are cold blood creatures, their metabolism slows down considerably. This means that fish do not feed as often due to their slow metabolism and media that want to reduce their baits fishing in cold climates. For example instead of using a live worm as bait in cold weather uses only a two inch section of a worm or rather than the use of half ounce Rooster tail that is 1/16 of an ounce and a plan using “working hard” for every bite you receive. In cold weather it is often necessary to literally put his offer in front of the nose fish to get the fish to bite, which means that you usually have to do much more molds that are used for.

keep these simple river fishing tips in mind the next time you go out in search of fish when temperatures are cold. It will not only help you experience more success, it will help you to be more comfortable.


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