Sometimes You Learn the Hard Way That Setting Ground Rules is Important

I remember talking to my best friend many years ago about how I fully believe it is important to pay attention to what children are doing online. She, in return, said that she felt the opposite way and she felt strongly about that. Well, she has now changed her mine. She asked me recently if there’s a Snapchat hack that would allow her to see what her teen son was up to on that program. When I told her that I was curious as to why, she said it was because she felt her son was in over his head with something, but she wasn’t sure exactly what that would be.

My friend discussed having a mother’s intuition that day with me. I knew exactly what she was talking about because I had that same intuition with my own two daughters. Many other parents discuss one another often about how they figure out something is off with their child. In the case of my best friend, she said that she realized that allowing her son to have free reign to do whatever he wanted to had caused him to make some poor decisions that harmed him. She said that she felt he was making more bad decisions, and the issue this time was that she felt these decisions were ones that he was not learning from and they could potentially harm him for years or the rest of his life.

I hoped my friend find the hack she needed, and she soon learned that her son was involved with a bad group of people on the photo program that he’d been using. She saw the messages with her own eyes and knew she had to do something. She is now using a firmer hand and watching her son more closely, and it seems to have worked out better for both of them.

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