The Club is Not Close to Ready

We are almost ready to open up the club, but the boss never seems to be happy with what has been done. Obviously he is putting a lot of money in the place, but the big thing seems to be that he wants to impress people. For example I hired a place that does web design in Gwinnett county to build us a web page. I thought that it looked really good the first time they showed it to us, but he has made them change things a half dozen times already. It is really getting to be pretty tedious, but obviously the money is his and he gets to do with it whatever he wants. It is sort of comical however, but I realize that there is a different point to it than to make money. The boss is in his late thirties and he is divorced for the second time. He likes girls that are younger than that, much like most men would if given the choice.

That is exactly what this is all about. He has plenty of money and he is going to use it to impress girls. I can not say that I blame him that much, but it would be nice if he could make up his mind once and for all. I am not too worried about that really. I get paid whether or not anything gets done or not, so it is not as though it is my money or my problem. I do what he tells me to do and that is how it goes. It does not usually make any sense when you think about it, but that is once again, not something that takes money out of my pocket. So long as he does not bounce my paycheck, that is all well and good.

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