This Past Weekend Was a Very Fun Time That Ended Up in a Bit of a Disaster for Me. You See, I Was at a Cookout with Some Friends and Family to Celebrate My Best Friends Birthday. Everything Went Very Well, That is Until I Decided to Have a Piece of

I have often heard that you find out your family’s true colors when another family member dies. That is exactly what happened with my brother and sisters. Their greed has really displayed itself after the death of my father. When my father died he left his 200-acre farm to me and my four brothers and sisters and they are now fighting over how much it is worth and how much money they will be getting from the sale of it. As the executor of the estate, I need to enlist the help of a real estate appraiser in Sacramento. I am going to find somebody who can give us an accurate and detailed report as to exactly how much the house, land, and buildings are worth. We need an honest and unbiased appraisal that will enable us to put this part of the estate on the market to sell. I don’t want to see our family torn apart any more than what it already is and this seems to be the most viable solution to the problem. I found a company that will do this for us at the end of this week and they will provide a detailed report that will be accepted by the probate court. They have done numerous appraisals for estates and come highly recommended. I’m going to meet them and walk along with them as they survey the property just to be able to see it one last time. I’m not only dealing with the grief of losing my only living parent but now I have to deal with all of this bickering and fighting over money. I never dreamed this kind of behavior was possible out of my siblings but I guess I was wrong. I will be so glad when this is all over with.

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