Up Your Game with a Copper Wedge

If you’re having trouble with your golf game, look into getting a Callaway forged copper wedge. How will it help your game? Let’s say you are like me and have trouble navigating the various hazards most golf courses have these days. Hazards are only a problem if you are not using the proper club to get past them. That is where this wedge comes in. Now you can use your old wedge that is likely heavy and interferes with your swing, or you can do what I did and get this type of wedge. The benefits are amazing.

The best thing about a copper wedge is that it is much lighter than your typical wedge. Many golfers scoff at the idea that weight has much to do with your swing. These types of golfers don’t know what they’re talking about. Weight has a lot to do with your swing, especially if you are an older player and are starting to lack upper body strength. Copper is much lighter than most materials used in golf clubs these days and thus your carry through swing will be easier and more forceful. Don’t take my word for it, though. Give it a try on your own.

The other thing I like about this club is that it is durable. I store my clubs in the basement where it is damp and I don’t always clean them as well as I should and that has caused problems in the past. With the copper wedge, I don’t have to worry about how long it’s sitting around or where it is. They hold up well. You won’t find spots of rust on this wedge if it’s sitting in a damp environment for a few years. All around it’s just a great wedge to have and it will improve your game.

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